Chiropractic Information

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What is Chiropractic?

The word chiropractic is derived from the Greek language meaning, "To perform with the hands.” Paintings from ancient Egypt and Greece have shown Chiropractic was used thousands of years ago. Modern Chiropractic was founded by B.J. Palmer in 1895, when after studying the nervous system he tried adjusting the neck of a deaf patient resulting in the restoration of his hearing. Dr. Palmer opened the first Chiropractic College in 1896.

How Does it Work?

The art of Chiropractic is to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself, by taking pressure off the nerves caused by a spinal misalignment, clinically known as subluxation. As with a paper cut that just about everyone has had, the initial cut stings, but within a few days after a bit more soreness and the surrounding skin peeling somewhat, the cut simply disappears. This is a perfect example of the body’s ability to heal itself. Nothing was done to treat the paper cut; the body just took care of it. The body contains a drugstore of natural healers and immunities. As long as the nervous system is able to function without interference from pinched nerves, natural healing can take place, in addition to the proper function of the immune system. However, if an injury occurs resulting in a vertebrae being moved out of alignment, or a muscle spasm from an injury or repeated motion causes a misalignment, (subluxation), the surrounding nerves can become pinched, resulting in improper function of the body. This can lead to lower resistance to disease as well as pain. The proper relationship between the spine and the nervous system is the only way to preserve and restore good health.

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What is Adjustment? (Spinal Manipulation)

When the doctor of Chiropractic has determined through consultation, examination, and x-rays that a misalignment (subluxation) does exist, he/she will place their bands directly on the patient’s spine in the misaligned areas and move the bones back into place. This is usually done with a gentle thrust up or down and depending on the area of the spine with the patient on their back, stomach, or turned on to their side. Chiropractors will sometimes use an activator when they feel a patient will respond better to that technique. An activator is a hand held tool with a soft tip that the Chiropractor will place near the subluxation pushing the handle, causing the soft tip to push forward moving the bones back where they belong.

What is Rehab in a Chiropractor’s Office?

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When a patient has spinal misalignments (subluxation), there is always soft tissue (muscles and ligaments) involvement. Repetitive motion or an injury can lead to muscle spasms which can cause a subluxation. In addition, an injury that moves the vertebrae out of alignment can lead to muscle spasms. Rehab in a Chiropractor’s office consists of working on the soft tissue to reduce muscles spasms and strengthen both muscles and ligaments. This is done with therapeutic equipment, as well as focused exercises.

What Will Happen on my First Visit?

As in any doctor’s office you will be asked to fill out some forms about your medical history and the chief complaint that brought you into our office. This information will help us determine if you are a Chiropractic patient. In addition to any future needs you may have that are not Chiropractic. After you have completed the forms the Chiropractor will see you, review the information you have provided, and take a thorough history of your complaints.

Following this the Chiropractor will perform a full spine exam consisting of a range of motion tests to determine if your mobility is within normal limits, in addition to other orthopedic and neurological tests to determine the source of your problem and a proper diagnosis.

At this point everything the Chiropractor has done is absolutely free. However, the doctor may decide that x-rays are needed before proceeding and there is a charge for x-rays. The doctor will inform you ahead of time if x-rays are needed and the cost of those x-rays before proceeding any further. X-rays are then taken and a second appointment will be set up with the doctor to review the x-rays with you and explain your problem and the doctor’s recommendations.

How Will I Pay?

Our financial arrangements are always done one-on-one with the patient. Whether it is insurance or cash pay, a financial assistant will explain the fees and payment options before any treatment is rendered. We are in most PPOs and HMOs and take all major credit cards. We also work with CareCredit for any patients that choose this option. Our doctors feel the importance of getting treatment is so paramount, that all financial assistants are instructed to never let money become a barrier between the patient and the care that they need.

What does chiropractic help?

Chiropractic can help any number of health problems. Those most commonly associated with chiropractic care are lower and mid back pain, neck pain and headaches, and whiplash injuries. However, since chiropractic adjustments take pressure off the nerves surrounding the misaligned vertebra (spinal bone) enabling the body to function normal again, there are many other problems helped by chiropractic treatment such as; fibromyalgia, arthritis, numbness in hands, arms or legs, sciatica (pain down the legs), menstrual cramps, carpel tunnel, shoulder pain, difficulty hearing, insomnia, fatigue, bedwetting, allergies, and asthma just to name a few.